Visiting one of Martha’s Vineyard’s lighthouses to learn about the maritime history of the area is an important part of a New England adventure. On Martha’s Vineyard, there are many lighthouses, each with its own distinct appearance and stories to tell.

When viewing these historic sites, it is easy to envisage a period when pirate ships, commercial boats, and schooners frequently sailed the island’s coastal “highways.” Four of the lighthouses are easily reached via island road and one is more difficult to reach, but the effort is worthwhile!

We hope that you will find this article of interest as we will provide you with a basic overview of East Chop Lighthouse, as well as how to find a smart tour guide who can make your visit to the lighthouse a memorable experience!

About The East Chop Lighthouse

The Martha’s Vineyard Museum is the custodian of the East Chop, Gay Head, and Edgartown Lighthouses and charges a nominal fee to enter, which helps with the expenses of upkeep. Not only can you see inside the lighthouses, but climbing to the summits rewards you with stunning views of the island and ocean. You may also plan group visits or private rentals or consider holding a unique event at a Vineyard lighthouse.

East Chop in Oak Bluffs, on the other side of the harbor from Vineyard Haven. It is home to the East Chop Lighthouse. The first telegraph signals were installed here in 1828; hence the name: Telegraph Hill. The Nantucket signals were sent to Woods Hole, Duxbury, Marshfield, South Plymouth, and Dorchester. While the lighthouse is now painted white, it was originally known as the Chocolate Lighthouse due to its brownish-red tint.

The East Chop Lighthouse is usually accessible on Sunday afternoons around sunset. A lighthouse keeper will be on duty, and the doors will be open during the hours specified. On East Chop Drive, parking is accessible but limited. Buses from the Vineyard Transit Authority (VTA) will stop at the intersection of New York Avenue and East Chop Drive, but you must walk up the hill to the lighthouse. Let one of our expert tour guides at Greetings from Martha’s Vineyard plan your trip to East Chop Lighthouse!

Employ one of our Skilled Tour Guides

Here are some things to look out for when finding a tour guide to the East Chop Lighthouse in Martha’s Vineyard.

Good Knowledge of the Lighthouse

If you plan on visiting the East Chop Lighthouse, it is strongly suggested that you hire a guide who has an excellent understanding of the area and of the lighthouse. It will make your tour more enjoyable to have a knowledgeable tour guide who will explain the purpose and history behind some of the symbols and signs you will find along the way to the lighthouse.

A Good Storyteller

The truth is that we can all read stories or reviews from books or websites, but when it comes to hearing a good story, we all want to hear from someone who is easy to listen to. A skilled tour guide is someone that can tell the lighthouse’s story in an engaging way that makes tourists enjoy every moment of their trip.

East Chop Lighthouse

Book a Skilled Tour Guide for Your Trip to East Chop Lighthouse

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