Tourism is a wonderful experience. It exposes you to people, beautiful places, and new environments. As great as tourism may be, it comes with its own caveat in the sense that you might end up somewhere with cultural or local norms you are unfamiliar with, or a history you’d love to learn about in person rather than reading. To solve this problem, a tour guide will be needed, but then they come with their own caveat; pricing. Tour guides are usually expensive, especially in places like Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, and you can even spend more than you should, but we will tell you the type of tour guides you should avoid.

When you meet a tour guide, you should first be on guard and watch out for these attributes to avoid spending too much money on a regrettable tour:

  • Unpleasant: An unpleasant guide is a no-no. Avoid guides who are generally unpleasant, or else you might end up with a regrettable tour day. A pleasant tour guide should be welcoming enough to make you feel like you are on the trip with a friend.
  • Unsure guide: A guide that is unsure about routes to take or the information they give shows a lack of knowledge or experience or even both. Make sure to avoid such guides. They’ll mess up your day and make the trip frustrating.
  • Lazy guides: Guides who always show exhaustion, generally lack passion for the job and will most probably leave out some places that may be interesting during your tour. Employing this kind of tour guide is a waste of money.
  • Tardiness: A consistently tardy guide is a sign of unprofessionalism and will most likely not give you a good tour. Don’t put yourself in a regrettable position and avoid such guides.

On that note, there are certain things you should look out for that should make you choose a particular person as your guide.

What to look out for in hiring a tour guide

Getting a tour guide is a very easy task. Getting a professional and reliable guide is the hard part— someone who will make you enjoy your trip and have a lot to talk about. Here are the things to watch out for in hiring a reliable tour guide:

  • Knowledge: A vast and accurate knowledge of the area you are touring is one of the most important attributes your tour guide should possess. The culture, heritage, and history should be at the fingertips of your tour guide. Another thing is the location of the different tourist sites in case you are touring places as large as a city.
  • Experience: Though knowledge is important, experience comes in handy to reduce the time wasted in trying to find the next site to visit. An experienced tour guide can navigate the area like a pro and know all the great local spots.
  • Personality: Nobody wants a boring tour guide. A tour guide who is jovial, friendly, fun, and also an engaging storyteller will easily make your tour worthwhile. They can easily help you create memorable experiences and sometimes even become your friend.
  • Passion: Apart from having a great personality, a tour guide should also possess a passion for their work. This aspect will also show in their knowledge and storytelling, leaving you in awe as you get in-depth facts that you wouldn’t normally hear or see in pamphlets.

Getting a guide with these attributes may seem extremely difficult, but it’s actually not. An easy solution is to go to a reliable and affordable tour guide website to hire a professional guide for your journey.

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