Best Sightseeing of Agricultural Countryside on Martha’s Vineyard

The Agricultural Heartland of Martha’s Vineyard

Founded in 1892 West Tisbury is a magnificent little agricultural town which serves as the backbone of all agricultural on Martha’s Vineyard. This small town is home to the island’s Agricultural and Grange Halls, as well as the amazing sculptures of Field Gallery. It stands as a classic little New England staple town with cold ponds, tons of farmer carts, and a white church to top it off. With fresh seafood and amazing farm culture, West Tisbury is one of the best places to stop on your guided Martha’s Vineyard tour to eat good food and take in the natural beauty.

Why West Tisbury Makes the Perfect Vacation Idea:

  • Agricultural heartland of the island
  • Iconic festivals and historical stores
  • Family friendly environment
  • Great restaurants and fresh produce farms

Things to Do While Sightseeing in West Tisbury:

  • Visit the Historic Alley’s General Store
  • Attend the iconic Artisan Festivals at Grange Hall
  • Get fresh meat, produce, and hand-crafted goods at the West Tisbury Famer’s Market
  • Go and see the outdoor sculpture garden at the Field Gallery
  • Check out the Polly Hill Arboretum
  • Watch art come to life at Martha’s Vineyard Glassworks
  • Swim at Lambert’s Cove Beach

With natural agriculture, amazingly fresh seafood, and tons of culture it is the perfect vacation idea for any family, couple, or individual. For all tourists with a green thumb, if you are wondering what you should see during your private Martha’s Vineyard tour – look no further than the beautiful town of West Tisbury.